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Performance Martial Arts Goes to NAGA

Performance Martial Arts Goes to NAGA

On Saturday, March 14th,¬†competitors from Performance Martial Arts Academy competed at the NAGA: Oregon Championship. 10 members of the Youth team tested themselves, many of who competed in multiple divisions, often going up in weight and skill for the opportunity to have more matches. Aside from the youth team we also had a small contingent of tough adults putting it on the line as well. All in all it was a very good day with every competitor making the podium, some more than once, some more than twice! Here’s the results for the Performance Martial Arts Academy competition team. Congratulations to everyone who tested themselves today, you did great!

Adult Results:

Georg Birns- Silver Purple Belt Gi

Ian King-Silver Blue Belt Gi

Marcus Chisolm- Bronze White Belt Gi

Mathea Wooton- Silver White Belt Gi

Youth Results:

Maddie- Gold Expert Gi

Cristian- Gold Expert Gi

Daniel- Gold Gi

Jack- Gold Gi

Emma- Gold Gi

Kai- Silver Expert Gi

Aiden- Silver Gi

Jack- Silver Gi

Lilliana- Silver Gi

Tanner- Silver Gi

Sahara- Bronze Gi

Lilliana- Bronze Gi

Cristian- Gold NoGi

Daniel- Gold NoGi

Emma- Gold NoGi

Jack- Gold NoGi

Tanner- Gold Nogi

Maddie-Silver Expert NoGi

Jack- Silver Nogi


Final Medal Count is 23, for 14 competitors, 10 Gold Medals, 6 Swords and 2 Championship Belts.  Outstanding Job everyone! The Performance Martial Arts Team is going to need a trailer to carry all that hardware home.

At the Performance Martial Arts Academy located in Roseburg, Oregon, we believe in the one team philosophy! Regardless if you are a world champion or taking your first class, our instructors are there to help you along your way. Everyone is welcome regardless of affiliation, fitness or skill level. Come in today and see all we have to offer! *Free Trial available to Roseburg residents only!