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We have added two additonal youth BJJ coaches to our Staff. Meet Coaches Maddie and Daniel!
Youth BJJ
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New Youth BJJ Assistant Coaches

New Youth BJJ Assistant Coaches

We are pleased to announce the addition of two more accomplished assistant coaches to our youth BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) program, Daniel and Maddie!  They will be joining Professor Matt, Coach Colby and Coach Tanner, who have made up PMAA’s youth BJJ assistant coach team up until now.  All of our youth BJJ assistant coaches have been training for many years and enjoy challenging themselves by competing. Our academy has always had the highest level of commitment to provide our students with not only experienced BJJ practitioners, but coaches who enjoy teaching and making classes welcoming and fun.

Coach Daniel is a BJJ blue belt and a Judo green belt and has been training for over four years.  You will always find a smile on his face, and patient attitude while working with our youth BJJ students.  His greatest strength as a coach is the ability to  break down each move and explain details in a way that make sense to the student.  Daniel is a straight A student and has plans to pursue a nuclear engineering degree at Oregon State University.

Coach Maddie is a BJJ green belt and a Judo green belt, and has been training with Professor Ryan Cunningham since she was five years old.  Although she is young, Maddie is a leader both on the mat, and off.  Maddie’s coaching style is positive and supportive, and she does an excellent job of keeping the kids focused. With her many years of commitment to the sport, involvement in community service projects, and her straight A grades, Maddie is an excellent role model to the children.

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