Performance Martial Arts Academy Roseburg, Oregon | Kid’s BJJ in Roseburg: Why Martial Arts for My Child?
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Kid’s BJJ in Roseburg: Why Martial Arts for My Child?

Kid’s BJJ in Roseburg: Why Martial Arts for My Child?

We are proud to offer kid’s BJJ in Roseburg! With a myriad of other extra-curricular activities available for our youth, you may be asking yourself “why martial arts?” In a good martial arts program your child will be challenged physically, and engaged mentally. Martial arts classes will also improve your child’s self-confidence, self-discipline, focus, physical fitness, and overall health and well-being. All of these benefits, combined with applicable self-defense and anti-bullying strategies, make martial arts a great decision for your child!

About Our Acclaimed Youth Program:

It is our mission to provide a safe and fun environment for your children so that they can build confidence, while learning the virtues of respect, hard work, and problem-solving, taught through martial arts.

Youth martial arts classes at Performance Martial Arts Academy are broken into two separate age groups: Ages 5-8 and Ages 9-13. Students are introduced to the beginning theories of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Judo, with an emphasis on BJJ. Both styles of martial arts provide a great workout and are proven & practical forms of self-defense.

Our dedicated youth instructors are patient and encouraging, all while teaching your children life skills such as goal-setting, respecting others, and doing their personal best in class and at school. Classes are instructed in a formal, organized manner to ensure safety and to encourage students to focus and listen during class- all while having fun and making friends!

Whether your child has been bullied, needs a confidence-booster, or just needs a physically active outlet, Performance Martial Arts Academy is a positive, family-friendly environment for your children.   All skill levels are welcome!

Life Skills Program:

Each month your child will receive a worksheet that will keep track of Life Skills achievements. When completed by the end of the month, a Life Skills stripe will be placed on their belt!  Some examples of Life Skills topics are: Respect, Pride, Humility, Positive Thinking, Work Ethic, Goal-Setting, Honesty & many more!  Our Life Skills program is very popular with our students and parents alike!

Option to Compete At Local Tournaments:

Many of our students choose to compete in grappling tournaments throughout the year.  We provide mat-side coaching to support our students as they compete.  Performance Martial Arts Academy coaches and competitors are known for being courteous and sportsmanship-like during these events.

Competing is very popular with our students, as it is a way to apply their skills in a safe manner.  We are very proud of our advanced youth martial arts competitors who make up one of the top-ranked youth teams in the Northwest!

Join us for a, no obligation, 30 day FREE trial and enjoy the benefits martial arts will have on your children and your family!

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

P: 541.733.4599


At the Performance Martial Arts Academy located in Roseburg, Oregon, we believe in the one team philosophy! Regardless if you are a world champion or taking your first class, our instructors are there to help you along your way. Everyone is welcome regardless of affiliation, fitness or skill level. Come in today and see all we have to offer! *Free Trial available to Roseburg residents only!